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Operator Self Service FAQs

What are the system requirements for using the Self Service system?

To use the Self Service system it is recommended that you use one of the following browsers to ensure the best experience possible:

The Self Service system requires that JavaScript is enabled and also that cookies are accepted from this site.

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How do I register for Self Service?

To register for Self Service, follow the on-screen instructions.

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Will I be able to log in to Self Service as soon as I have registered?

No. To access the site you will need a password in addition to the username and memorable word that you created when you registered. The password will be sent by post to the correspondence address recorded on the licence that you registered. You should receive your password within a week of registering.

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Why do I get a message to say that my licence number could not be found - I know that it is correct?

The licence number consists of two letters such as OF, OB, OC, PH etc followed by seven numbers. If your licence number has 6 or less numbers insert zeros between the second letter and the number to make the number part seven digits long. For example OF8419 becomes OF0008419. If you are still having problems, then please contact us.

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We have licences in the same name in more than one traffic area; will we need different usernames and passwords for each one?

No, providing you tell us about all those licences you will be able to access and amend all of them using a single log in. We can only link licences together on the same login if they are for exactly the same name and company registration number (in the case of Limited companies).

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What if one or more of the licences that I hold are missing from the self service screens?

Tell us from the option on the Licence Summary screen when you have logged in to Operator Self Service. We will investigate the missing licence and include it if it is a licence issued in the same company name as the one on your existing login. This may take a while to process.

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Will I be able to get a duplicate disc using self-service??

Yes you can use the Vehicle List/Duplicate disc option when you are logged in. For goods licences you just need to select the vehicles you want a duplicate disc for, tell us what has happened to the disc and press the re-print discs button. For PSV licences you need to press the PSV Disc Request button from the Vehicle List/Duplicate disc option and then select the discs you want a duplicate disc for, tell us what has happened to the disc and press the re-print discs button.

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What if I make a mistake when inputting details of a vehicle?

All you have to do is to remove the vehicle with the incorrect details and add the vehicle to the licence again with the correct ones.

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Can I print a list of all my vehicles from the self-service site?

Yes. Select the 'Vehicle List/Duplicate disc' option from the left hand menu; select the licence and then select the "Print Vehicle List" button.

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Do I have to return discs for removed vehicles if I am a Goods Vehicle Operator?

If they have not been lost or destroyed, Traffic Commissioner (the Transport Regulator for Northern Ireland) has said that discs must be returned. If they have been lost or destroyed then just tick the appropriate box before you remove the vehicle, which will indicate that the disc is not being returned.

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What else can I do on Self Service?

You can

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I am trying to process a fee payment but it won't go through. I am using a VISA debit card.

If you are using a VISA debit card, then please select the card type as "VISA Debit/Delta", and then this should go through O.K. If you are still having problems you can pay over the phone by calling 0300 123 9000 (office hours), for Northern Ireland operators please call 0113 254 3200.

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How can I add additional users for my organisation?

The Administrator for the licence can add and delete users via the "Manage User Logins" menu option on the left of the screen.

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What can I do if I have forgotten my log in details?

You can use the following links if you have forgotten your log in details:

Alternatively, please contact us telling us which of the log in details you have forgotten and give your name and licence details.

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Can I give feedback on, or ask questions about Self Service?

Yes. If you wish to provide feedback or have any questions relating specifically to Self Service you can email us at or contact us. We are seeking to improve and enhance the amount of services we offer via Self Service and if you have any further suggestions then we will put them to our I.T. development partners for consideration.

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How can I get general information and help with Operator licensing?

You can call our National Number on 0300 123 9000 for help and advice concerning Operator licensing matters, for general enquiries for Northern Ireland operators please call 0300 200 7831.

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